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Her name is Jamila Falak and in Jamaica that name is just as uncommon as the upright bass, which she plays. Being both a singer and an instrumentalist are a stark juxtaposition in the portrait of the Jamaican music landscape. But Falak is and carries with it diverse meanings ranging from heaven, to outer space, limitless and orbit but the one that may be most befitting to Jamila Falak is “beautiful star”.

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Jamila Falak
  • Falak definitely offers a breath of fresh air as it relates to local entertainment. Her liberal and eclectic taste seems to come through as she aims to connect with audiences.
    Blackbrd Magazine
  • Jamila! Hey new best friend! You’re so talented, you’re so good. I wish I could play the upright bass like you and sing at the same time.
    Meghan Trainor
  • Big ups to all the bass queens! Go Jamila!
    Selah Poitier

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SEVERAL Jamaican entertainers and celebrities were part of yesterday’s Blackout Tuesday, the social media-driven protest aimed at bringing…


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